UPDATE:  As of late 2019, Amazon ceased listing authors in popularity. As Amazon states, the most popular author list is updated hourly.  So who are the reigning queens of the pen this time?  Some of the regulars remain, while some new releases have pushed others back up the ladder.  Here they are with their most popular books: Caroline Fyffe (Heart of Mine) Dragonblade Publishing (This is a collection of various authors – The Wicked Baron by Mary Lancaster leads the group.) Amy Harmon (What the Wind Knows) Christi Caldwell (The Governess) Samantha Holt (Once a Wallflower, Always a Wallflower) Kathryn Le Veque (The Mountain Dark) Lisa Kleypas (Devil’s Daughter) Mary Balogh (Second Chances) Ann Lethbridge (No Regrets) Alexa Aston (The Heir)Continue Reading

UPDATE:  These posts were both informative and fun to do.  But, alas.  Amazon decided to do away with the lists of top authors in various genres in 2019.  If it ever comes back, I’ll start posting them again. One month has passed since my last list of top ten on the Kindle eBooks in the Romance >Historical Romance list. The sands have shifted again in the vast landscape of historical romance books and the authors who write them.  In fact, the list usually changes daily.  Below is a list of the authors, with their current best-selling book. How do authors get to the top ten?  It’s all about popularity, brand, good books, and/or exceptional marketing.  Usually when an author hits the top one hundred of anyContinue Reading