#CopyPasteCris – Recent Plagiarism in Romance Land

I’m very sorry to report that many authors, some of whom you may have read, are victims of plagiarism.  You can read about Courtney Milan’s horrible experience HERE.

The romance community takes infringement very seriously, and it’s a sad day when authors spend hours writing original works only to have large portions stolen and rewritten in books that are sold to unsuspecting readers.  It’s even worse when the alleged thief makes the USA Today bestseller list, enjoying its fame, with words not written by her hand.

Please read these articles, and do not support the individual involved in this thief of intellectual property.  Some of the historical romance authors who have had their works plagiarized include Courtney Milan,  Christi Caldwell, Tessa Dare, Loretta Chase, and other contemporary romance authors.

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Your need-to-know information about the #CopyPasteCris hashtag born after romance author Courtney Milan discovered that her work was plagiarized by another.

Source: Romancelandia, Intellectual Property, and Plagiarism: A Round-Up of #CopyPasteCris

The 10 Best Romance Novels of 2017

Entertainment Weekly has spoken. Here are the best in Historical Romance novels this past year all from traditional publishers.

Do you agree?

4.4 Amazon Rating – Released by Kensington March 28, 2017
4.7 Amazon Rating – Released by Avon Books August 22, 2017
4.4 Amazon Rating – Released by Avon Books January 31, 2017
4.2 Amazon Rating – Released by Avon June 27, 2017

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Source: The 10 best romance novels of 2017