The show’s producers claim, “The point was to take that Regency period as a foundation, and not betray it in any way, but we didn’t want to make it a history lesson.

I find it interesting that some readers will allow authors to take liberties in their stories when they don’t one-hundred percent reflect the norms of the historical eras in which their book is set. A few minor falsehoods are forgiven, and it’s the love story that captures the reader’s attention instead.

Other readers are purists at heart and want both — a historical romance that rings true to the era. I’ve read my fair share of reviewers who complain, using comments such as “the speech was too modern,” “badly written Regency novel, using contemporary slang,” “doesn’t seem Regency to me,” “a woman would never be left alone with a man,” “they would have never acted that way,” “not historical – check your facts,” “you address a duke as Your Grace,” etc. They find these mistakes distracting to the overall central love story.

How much of the series is fact, and how much is simply fiction? Read the fact-checks on just how accurate Bridgerton Netflix Series is below. It’s a history lesson. Of course, that raises a question.  Does Julia Quinn write historically accurate novels, or does she allow a bit of freedom in her storytelling?

The point was to take that Regency period as a foundation, and not betray it in any way, but we didn’t want to make it a history lesson.’ So, how much of the series is fact, and how much is simply fiction? Here FEMAIL fact-checks just how accurate Bridgerton really is…

Source: How much of Netflix’s Regency romp Bridgerton is historically accurate? | Daily Mail Online

Rakish dukes abound. If you’ve found that your appetite has been whet and more of the same is what you crave, look no further.

Source: The Best Romance Novels to Read After Watching ‘Bridgerton’

Here are some of Vulture’s recommendations.  Follow the article to read more or take your pick from below.

I’m afraid this there is going to be another duke resurgence in the genre.  As you probably know, I’m a bit tired of the character.  Nevertheless, enjoy your rakish men!

Another must read that discusses the reception of the book version in 2003, and how comments have changed in 2020.  As reported, “The rape scene is brief and disturbing, but it’s not treated as a rape.”


Bridgerton wants to explore consent while it ignores its own glaring consent issue.

Source: Shonda Rhimes’s Bridgerton has a rape scene, but it’s not treated like one – Vox

I have a Google alert for anything new that comes up under the term “historical romance.”  The past four alerts have been jammed pack with news about Bridgerton and how it’s the next best thing on Netflix to tickle our romantic souls. This review, however, is a rather scathing one in the opposite direction.  Three days to release!  What will you think about this drama based off Julian Quinn’s popular series?

Bridgerton tries to put a fresh perspective on historical romance, but it forgets to be interesting. “As a huge fan of historical romance, I once longed for Netflix to make a lush, extravagant, twisty series in the vein of the books I loved. But now that it’s actually gone ahead and made one, I’ve found that I have to eat my words.”

Source: Bridgerton review: Netflix’s new drama is as shallow as its aristocrats – Vox

ViacomCBS agreed to sell the 96-year-old company in a deal that potentially creates a megapublisher.  A spokesman for Bertelsmann said Penguin Random House had lost market share in recent years and cited Amazon as a competitive threat to the overall book market. The combination of Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster would be “below 20 percent,” the company said, citing data from the Association of American Publishers, an industry trade group.

Source: Penguin Random House to Buy Simon & Schuster

What does this mean for readers and authors?  Some of your favorite historical romance authors who are under Penguin contracts are Evie Dunmore, Mary Balogh, Amy Rose Bennet, and others.  From Simon & Shuster are Julia London, Meridith Duran, and others.  The pricey eBook prices from these two traditional publishers of $7.99 and up are no doubt competing with the lower-priced historical romance novels from independent authors on Amazon.  The competition for readers is fierce, and the industry is changing to survive.

Just don’t call them “ugly.”

Ellen Mirojnick on the Featheringtons’ dresses and historical accuracy. Netflix’s upcoming Regency drama Bridgerton promises plenty of sumptuous, tastefully designed gowns—and a few not-so-tastefully-designed ones.

Source: Bridgertons on Netflix: Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick on the Featheringtons’ dresses and historical accuracy.

Prof. Robert Morrison edited Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” for Harvard University Press. On the classic’s 200th anniversary, he explains how Austen’s rhythmic words on loss, love and hope still resonate.

Source: ‘Persuasion:’ Jane Austen’s greatest novel turns 200

The search for romance is the same as it ever was – we just don’t do it in corsets any more.

Source: Sex might be easier to find these days. That doesn’t mean love is too | Nell Frizzell | Comment is free | The Guardian

A fun article about the realities of love while comparing centuries.