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Welcome to our Podcasts!

Welcome to our podcast!  This is Vicki Hopkins, your host of historical romance books. Well, it’s really not me because this post is being voiced by the computer at Anchor Podcasts owned by Spotify.  Her name is Remy. They do have a male voice, but I thought Remy sounded much better to market historical romance books. I’m not exactly the most articulate individual when it comes to speaking, so I’m using this great feature of computer generated episodes. WordPress has provided this great new connection with a company named Anchor that turns your posts into podcasts and distributes them on multiple platforms. Frankly, I’m excited about this new outlet to reach more readers and authors.

 As you can see, we started our podcasts with a flurry of posts and historical tidbits.  Actually, I am an author myself and have written sixteen publications in various genres, but most of my books are historical romance.

I started the website back in 2013, hosting author promotions, and have slowly built the site to a regular following. You’ll find us on all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.  Marketing is a challenge for many authors, and having this website and podcast gives another platform to introduce readers to great books and new authors.

Also, you’ll discover that I love to delve into the history of the Victorian period, where most of my books are set.  To that end, I’ve created quite a few posts that I call historical tidbits.  I hope you find them of interest.

In addition to author promotions and blogging, I search daily for news regarding the genre.  You will see quite a few articles from other websites, magazines, and media sources regarding anything to do with the historical romance with the tag Press This.   

Check back often, because weekly I will be doing a recap of those books promoted on our website — well, actually Remy will do the recap.  On our website, you can see the cover, read the synopsis,  preview the book using Amazon’s look inside feature, check the pricing, and find all retailers where the book is available for purchase.

This past week, three authors advertised their books.  The Mysterious Lover by Mary Lancaster, A Hero for Lady Abigail written by two authors, Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison, plus and A Nobel Excavation by Ellie St. Clair.

Stop by and check them out!  Also, sign up for our newsletter, and we will send you the most recent author promotion straight to your email box.

Stay tuned for more episodes coming your way and historical tidbits.  We will be podcasting weekly, if not more.  Hopefully, we can help you find your next happily-ever-after historical romance.

Oh, and authors, our services are free for the moment, so visit our website and book your next promotion.