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Fabio Romance Novel Covers: A Brief History By The Numbers (Press This! Book Riot)

The famous Fabio romance covers of the 1980s and ’90s were glorious, embarrassing, corny, sexy, or off putting, depending on whom you ask. Because of their prominence, Fabio is shorthand for a man with flowing locks, gripping a comely woman against his glossy, hairless chest in a pose known as a clinch.

While Fabio may be the joke romance played on itself, the joke is also on those who can’t get past him — they’re missing out on the fun.

Source: Fabio Romance Novel Covers: A Brief History By The Numbers


Strike a Post for Covers – The Behind Approach

Moving on from the back and neck strain pose comes the opposite of the hero seductively approaching the heroine from behind.  Not quite as popular as the frontal view, they still make up a large number of covers in the historical romance genre.

As you can see, the windstorm continues with flying female hair in a few of the scenes.  The male domination remains as the shirtless, seductive hero catch their female prey. The ladies are turning their heads backward getting a good look at their seducer. The last cover, however, has me scratching my head as the hero is apparently into gymnastics, raising her into the air!

Does the pose continue these days! You betcha! Men are still grabbing the ladies from behind.

Anyway, it’s all in fun.  Stay tuned for the next overused pose in the historical romance books genre.