Julia Quinn Gave Up Creative Control Over Her ‘Bridgerton’ Characters. (Press This! Insider)

Insider spoke with Julia Quinn, the author of the “Bridgerton” book series, about seeing her work adapted for the screen.

Source: Julia Quinn gave up creative control over her ‘Bridgerton’ characters. Now she’s revisiting them 20 years later through someone else’s eyes.

Journey to the Past Convention

Check it out!  June 18, 2022 – London, a new convention for those of you who want to journey to the past.

“Ultim Events, a French convention organizer, just announced that the first guest for their new event Journey to the Past is Alexander Vlahos!

Journey to the Past will be an event dedicated to period dramas like Sanditon, Poldark, and Bridgerton. The convention will take place in London on June 18, 2022. The exact place will be revealed at a later date. Tickets for the one day event are already available here.”

Sales of Bridgerton Novels Have Exploded Since Netflix Premiere (Press This! PEOPLE.com)

Almost one month after the hit period drama Bridgerton was released on Netflix, sales of the same-titled book series by Julia Quinn have exploded, with the first book securing the number one spot on The New York Times’ bestsellers list. Other novels in the historical romance series aren’t far behind.

Source: Sales of Bridgerton Novels Have Exploded Since Netflix Premiere | PEOPLE.com

Congratulations, Julia Quinn!

Bridgerton is the Shiny Little Stocking Filler (Press This! The Independent)

On a positive note, we have this review. Four out of five stars. Keeping one’s perspective that, “Bridgerton is freed to be watchable fluff, with everyone involved refreshingly aware they are producing a piece of entertainment rather than A History of the English-Speaking Peoples.”

Shonda Rhimes’ historical romance series is all the better for putting entertainment before accuracy

Source: Bridgerton is the shiny little stocking filler we all need this Christmas – review

How Bridgerton Can Avoid Outlander’s Mistakes (Press This! Den of Geek)

Bridgerton is one of the most-anticipated premieres of the season. Here are a few changes the Netflix adaptation can and should make to the source material.

Source: How Bridgerton Can Avoid Outlander’s Mistakes | Den of Geek

This is a must-read article that brings up key questions about source materials in books and adaptations to screen.  There will be deviations from Julia Quinn’s books in both race and sexual encounters.  There are also good comparisons to Outlander and Poldark, which were adapted to screen.

It raises the question:

  • Do you prefer historical romance to be accurate to the times in which people lived?
  • Do you prefer that history be adjusted in historical romance to be in tune with today’s movements towards race equality, the me-too campaign, or sexual orientation?

Feel free to comment.