The article makes this comment:

“For one, Goodreads needs a women’s fiction category because some books that were nominated for the best romance this year (and years previous) don’t really fit into the romance genre.”

I rest my case about the category problem. Should we be surprised? Amazon owns Goodreads, so once again readers are faced with the wrong categorization of books. When it comes to Goodreads Choice Awards, that presents problems too. I admit that when authors enter books into other contests they have the option to enter the same book into one or more categories (for an extra price). It’s not just Goodreads and/or Amazon creating the confusion.  It does, however, push those books that are true to the genre into a competition that is unnecessary.

In recent years, the platform has seemingly chosen to reward books with a lot of hype instead of judging solely by quality.

Source: The Goodreads Choice Awards Needs To Stop Being a Popularity Contest