Welcome to our podcast!  This is Vicki Hopkins, your host of historical romance books. Well, it’s really not me because this post is being voiced by the computer at Anchor Podcasts owned by Spotify.  Her name is Remy. They do have a male voice, but I thought Remy sounded much better to market historical romance books. I’m not exactly the most articulate individual when it comes to speaking, so I’m using this great feature of computer generated episodes. WordPress has provided this great new connection with a company named Anchor that turns your posts into podcasts and distributes them on multiple platforms. Frankly, I’m excited about this new outlet to reach more readers and authors.  As you can see, we started our podcasts with aContinue Reading

The perfect hero in historical romance. Is there one? What fantasy do readers want? In reality, as much as we are filled with fanciful and romantic thoughts, there probably isn’t a perfect man. Of course, it depends on how you define perfection. Like the variety of readers and their various tastes over heroines, there is no absence of criticism over the perfect male. Once again, I’ve strolled through the reviews of some bestselling authors to find out what women are thinking. There are the usual complaints of women who dislike emotionally damaged men, along with arrogant aristocrats and walking cardboard characters (boy that term gets used a lot). I think readers who look for the perfect hero want a type of man they can fallContinue Reading