Have you noticed?  Not exactly historical romance book related, but if you read the genre, you probably watch the dramas. “One of the best things about watching period dramas is arguably the costumes. They play a huge part in conveying the full effects of the period, even if they’re not 100% historically accurate. Bonnets, top hats, spencer jackets, petticoats, and tight breeches: What more could you need in a costume drama?”  Source: 14 costumes that have been reused again and again in British period dramasContinue Reading

An era of reasonableness in ladies fashions has returned. The skirts are slimmer, the waists are smaller, the collars are high, and the sleeves are tighter. These are the decades that I drool over the fashions, knowing full well even in my twenties, I didn’t have a waist that small.  The dresses are absolutely gorgeous for the next three decades.  The hoops are gone, and the bustles have made an appearance. It’s the hourglass figure with crushed organs and narrower skirts. There were morning dresses, afternoon dresses, tea gowns, evening gowns, and ball gowns. The rich changed throughout the day into various fashions, showing their wealth and status by the frocks they wore.  Women who could afford beautiful clothing were delicate in appearance, adorned inContinue Reading

Fashion in France 1908 I’m in love with outrageously large hats from long ago.  I’ve been watching Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece Theater recently.  I’m enthralled with Lady Mae wearing her fashionable dresses and hats of early 1900’s.   In my book The Price of Deception, I had a few passages about hats. “Robert curiously viewed his wife as she donned her latest flashy, Parisian monstrosity on her head.”  I also mentioned that his mother became overly excited when her daughter-in-law brought a gift back from Paris. Jacquelyn hugged her mother-in-law tightly and immediately brought her attention to the newest purchase perched upon her head. She twirled around and flashed a smile. “What do you think? Isn’t it gorgeous?”  Mary gave the purple silk, netting, lace, feathers,Continue Reading