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Book Promo: "Tougher Than the Rest" by Shirleen Davies


Niall MacLaren is the oldest of four brothers, and the undisputed leader of the family. A widower, and single father, his focus is on building the MacLaren ranch into the largest and most successful in northern Arizona.

He is serious about two things; his responsibility to the family and his future marriage to the wealthy, well-connected widow who will secure his place in the territory’s destiny.

Katherine is determined to live the life she’s dreamed about. With a job waiting for her in the growing town of Los Angeles, California, the young teacher from Philadelphia begins a journey across the United States with only a couple of trunks and her spinster companion. Life is perfect for this adventurous, beautiful young woman, until an accident throws her into the arms of the one man who can destroy it all.

Fighting his growing attraction and strong desire for the beautiful stranger, Niall is more determined than ever to push emotions aside to focus on his goals of wealth and political gain. But looking into the clear, blue eyes of the woman who could ruin everything, Niall discovers he will have to harden his heart and be tougher than he’s ever been in his life…Tougher than the Rest.

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Book Promo – "The Deadly Truth" by Joyce Proell


Tainted in the eyes of Victorian society by his wife’s suicide, Doyle Flanagan turns a deaf ear to the baseless gossip and harsh rebukes. Ignoring his shattered reputation, he goes about his business, making money and enemies, and doing good works whenever his conscience gets the best of him. Arrested for murder, he is forced to rely on a feisty school administrator to solve the puzzle. As he struggles to prove his innocence, he realizes gaining the trust and loyalty of Cady Delafield may be more important than his freedom.
On a quest to locate a missing student, school matron Cady Delafield enters a stranger’s house and discovers the woman murdered. Driven to see the murderer brought to justice, she is determined to prevent any further tragedy even if it means joining forces with the very man accused of the atrocity. Against the wishes of her powerful family, she risks her job and reputation to learn the truth. But will the truth, once revealed, drive her away from the man she has come to love?
Passion and murder collide in 1880’s Chicago as they race to keep one step ahead of the police who want Doyle to pay for his crime. As the attraction between Cady and Doyle sizzles, they battle suspicions, lies and lethal actions to uncover the murderer before he destroys them both.
AUTHOR INFORMATION: Joyce Proell grew up in Minnesota and attended college and grad school in Chicago. After working in mental health, she retired at a young age to write full-time. Her first book, Eliza, was published in 2012. When she isn’t writing mysteries or historical romances, she loves to travel, walk, read, and do crossword puzzles. She and her husband make their home in rural Minnesota in her very own little house on the prairie.
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Book Promo – "Blind Allegiance" by Violetta Rand

Soul Mate Publishing


It’s a risk of a lifetime loving a man you’re supposed to hate…

Betrayed by a brother she hardly trusted before the bloodthirsty Viking, Jarl Randvior Sigurdsson, attacks her home, Noelle Sinclair is conveniently bartered as a means to save her cowardly sibling’s skin. Forced to leave her homeland and accompany the petulant Viking to the untamed wilderness of central Norway, Noelle is ever-aware of the burgeoning dangers around her—including her weakening resolve to resist Randvior.

Should Noelle surrender to his resplendent charms and seduction, or fight with every ounce of strength she possesses to get home?


Dark clouds always gathered in Noelle Sinclair’s dreams. Hundreds of nightmares had played out in her mind since childhood. Why should tonight be any different?

The smell of burning wood invaded her sleep. Smoke snatched her breath and she tried to purge her lungs by taking deep breaths. She ran for the great hall and all she could see were scorched rafters and floorboards. Guards scrambled to the battlements, while women and children fled the castle. She searched for her sisters among the people migrating outside …


Noelle’s eyes snapped open at the sound of dire warning. By God, this was no dream! She flung blankets aside and rolled over, shook her older sister awake, and jumped out of bed.

“What’s wrong?” Margaret asked sleepily.

“The castle’s on fire. Get up, now!”

Margaret scurried from bed and ran with Noelle to the windows overlooking the eastern edge of the castle. Through the swirling fog, Noelle could make out a tangle of men with torches and weapons in the courtyard below. She further scanned the shoreline where the North Sea pounded against the rocks and dunes. The castle was under siege and poorly defended. Most of the soldiers and her father were in Ireland, leaving only her brother and a skeleton army behind.

Her gaze still locked on the beach, Noelle caught sight of three, silvery-white longships anchored beyond the walls. Their blood-red sails snapped in the wind. She stared in horror as the pattern on the sails came into focus—the shape of a dragon.

 About the Author

Violetta Rand holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy and a master’s degree in Environmental Management. Serving as an environmental scientist in the state of Alaska for over seven years, she enjoys the privilege of traveling to remote places few people have the opportunity to see.

Violetta has been “in love” with writing since childhood. Struck with an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, at five, she wrote short stories illustrated by her best friend and sold them in her neighborhood. The only thing she loves more than writing is her wonderful relationship with her husband, Jeff. She enjoys outdoor activities, reading whatever she can get her hands on, music, and losing herself in the ancient worlds she enjoys bringing to life in the pages of her stories.

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Book Promo: "Norse Jewel" by Gina Conkle

Entangled Publishing, LLC
Released 6-10-13
70,000 Words


A stolen woman of rare qualities…
AD 1022…Helena longs for freedom. The Frankish maid wasn’t born a slave but marauding Danes have taken her. She’s desperate to escape their camp. Her savior comes as a fierce Norse chieftain, Hakan, who takes her to the far, icy north.

A powerful warrior who’s lived by the sword…

Hakan wants to lay down his sword and live a peaceful farmer’s life. Betrayal has left him cold to other women, yet his heart thaws to clever Helena. Her tender ways lure him, weaving kindness into his hard life. But, happiness is short lived. Old loyalties and deceit vex the warrior, calling upon his sword arm.

A clash of cultures amidst a kingdom in transition…
War erupts…a kingdom’s in the balance. Can Hakan defend his homeland and keep the woman he loves?


About the Author:

Gina’s a lover of history, books and romance, which makes the perfect recipe for historical romancewriter. Her passion for castles and old places (the older and moldier the better!) means interesting family vacations. Good thing her husband and two sons share similar passions, except for romance…that’s where she gets the eye roll. When not visiting fascinating places, she can be found in southern California delving into the latest adventures of organic gardening and serving as chief taxi driver.

Website & Blog & Newsletter Sign Up: Gina Conkle

Twitter:  @ginaconkle

Facebook: Gina Conkle, Writer

Pinterest: Gina Conkle

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Book Promo & Interview: "Silk & Scandal" by Cassandra Dean

Author Interview:
1. What inspired you to write this particular book? – SILK & SCANDAL came from a few different sources. I was lucky enough to be asked to write a story to headline Decadent TEASE: Captivate, a brand new line from Decadent Publishing. So I put my thinking cap on. At the time, I was obsessed with a couple of law-based shows – the UK series Silk and an Australian series called Rake. So, when I was developing the idea for this new book, I decided Thomas, the hero, should be a barrister, circumspect and concerned with propriety. So, of course, what else could the heroine be but a lady mired in scandal? Thus, SILK & SCANDAL and the start of a brand new series!
2. Does the book contain any underlying themes that are important to the story?  – What a wonderful question. A few years ago, I had the great fortune to see Joss Whedon speak at the Sydney Opera House. I admire Joss to no end, and his talk made a huge impression on me. The point he made that I really took away was that every writer writes from their ‘dark place’, that deep seated fear they’ve buried inside them. It was a real eye-opener, and made me examine my own reasons for writing what I do. So, to answer the question: Acceptance that who you are, who you want to be, is okay. You don’t have to apologise for who you are, what you want or what you do. I think these themes run through all my work and probably hint at my own ‘dark place’.
3. What kind of characters do you enjoying creating for a hero or heroine? Do you believe they both need to be strong to have a good story?I believe the characterisation needs to be strong. Your hero and heroine could be soft and seemingly weak, but as long as their characterisation strongly emphasises this, all is a-ok. A good story is made by compelling characters, and as long as you have them sorted and your reader engage, you’ll have a fantastic story.
4. Did you do any special historical research while writing the book? If so, what interesting things did you learn?– Oh my, lots of research, though I think about 80-90% of what you discover you don’t use. For SILK & SCANDAL, I learnt about corn laws, and the change of power in English parliament in 1846, and red ribbons meaning defence briefs while white meant prosecution. I learnt about the Inns of Court, and being called to the bar, and the year women were first admitted to law schools in England. Lots and lots of stuff!
5. What historical era do you like the most – Regency, Victorian, Edwardian, other and why? –  I think Victorian. It was such an expansive era, and saw so much change. It also had many different facets, making it irresistible for writers – you could have a straight historical story, or you could tap into the spiritualism and mysticism of the time and write a paranormal. Or you could go with the murderous Jack the Ripper era and write a murder mystery, or perhaps a story about the great social upheaval that occurred thanks to the Industrial Revolution.
6. When did you first know you wanted to be a writer and how did you get started? –  I’ve always wanted to be a writer, from the time I first learnt how to hold a pen. However, I was convinced only super cool people could be authors and so I put my dream to one side. However, when I met my critique partner and friend for ever Lucy Clark, I realised that perhaps I was cool enough to be a writer! So I wrote TEACH ME and ENSLAVED and shopped them around. Finally, Decadent Publishing offered me a contract for ENSLAVED, and subsequently TEACH ME. The rest is history!
7. What challenges do you face as an author either personally or professionally?– Finding the time to write is pretty challenging. Between the Day Job, the family, friends, promotional work, and a pretty intense television watching schedule, it’s rather hard! Well, perhaps I could cut the TV, but the other things are pretty non-negotiable 🙂 Still, I write because I love it, and when you love something, you find the time.
8. Tell us about any previous works or any new works you’ll be releasing in the future. –  SILK & SCORN, the second in The Silk Series, will be coming soon from Decadent TEASE: Captivate, and will feature Thomas’s friend, Arthur, and an annoying girl from his childhood. I’m currently writing the third in the series, SILK & SCARS. I’m also writing the third and final book in The Diamond Series, an Old American West tale. Featuring characters from ROUGH DIAMOND and FOOL’S GOLD, EMERALD SEA features gunslingers and vengeance seeking ladies.
9. Add anything else you’d like to tell your readers. Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy SILK & SCANDAL and The Silk Series!



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Book Promo: “The Rogue’s Prize” by Katherine Bone


Captain Henry Guffald is no ordinary captain. A member of Nelson’s Tea, he’s learned the hard way what treachery will achieve. As a result, he’s sworn an oath never to give in to his ambition. Daring, proud Henry sets out to rescue a comrade captured in Spain. But when his ship is attacked by a female pirate roving the Cornish coast, waylaying his plans, Henry is forced to make her his prize if he’s going to save a good man’s life.

Lady Adele Seaton has been raised in a family profited by a lucrative smuggling business. Though her parents wish otherwise, she would no sooner give up the call to rove than marry. But obtaining independence is a challenge when her brother faces a hangman’s noose. Planning to save him, she captures an English ship. But things go awry and she is dragged home in disgrace, forced to ally herself with the one man with the power to anchor more than her ship—her heart.

Review Blurbs:
“Katherine Bone’s books are a rollicking romp in the classic style. From ship deck to London ballroom, Ms. Bone’s stories are packed with intrigue, and rough and dangerous heroes that positively delight.” — Katharine Ashe, author of Captured by a Rogue Lord

“Katherine Bone is an author after my own heart! Her books are sexy, adventurous romps guaranteed to keep you reading into the wee hours of the night.” —Shana Galen author of The Rogue’s Pirate Bride

“Ms. Bone has weaved a captivating tale of cat and mouse that will keep the reader turning pages long into the night.” —Michelle Beattie, author of Romancing the Pirate

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Author Links:    Amazon Author PageGoodreads Author Page | Website| Blog 

Katherine Bone has been passionate about all things historical since she was an Army brat traveling all over the world. Initially, she dreamed of being an artist, but when she met and fell in love with Prince Charming, her own dashing Lieutenant vowing duty, honor, and country, she found herself saying “I do.” Not long afterward, she was whisked away to Army bases, castles, battlegrounds and cathedrals, where tales of swashbuckling characters and unforgettable adventure filled the lonely gaps of time when the Army called Charming away. No longer nomadic, Katherine set down roots in the south where she and Charming have raised four children and live with their fluffy Maine Coon.

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"Brave in Hearts" by Emma Barry (Book Promo)

American Civil War
Release 7-1-13



Theodore Ward is a man of deep passions and strong principles – none of which he acts on. So Margaret Hampton ends their engagement, breaking both of their hearts in the process.
Years after their estrangement, ardent but frozen Theo attempts to reconnect with Margaret. She is no longer trusting of the idea of romantic love, having become pragmatic and wary during decades alone. But with the drumbeat of the early days of the Civil War in the background, how can she refuse?
The courtship that results is hasty, reckless, and intense, fueled by contradictions between Theo’s willingness finally to change and Margaret’s fears about the future. Two smart, stubborn, fiery people will need to overcome the hesitancies of their hearts and the perils of battle if they’re ever to find happiness.



She released Theo’s arm and walked a few paces from the willow to look out to the river. The water nipped at the narrow beach, each soft, lapping wave an enticement to the past.
How many times had they sat here? Would they ever do so again? Was it possible to stay forever like this, here and together?
He laughed too, but then his tone turned serious. “I need to know why you have been so cold.” He didn’t ask—he demanded.
She set her jaw and said through her teeth, “Nothing is wrong.”
He clicked his tongue in frustration. “If a lifetime stretched before us, I wouldn’t push. I would wait for you to tell me. But I leave in the morning, so I insist. Have I done something? Hurt you in some way?”
She turned toward him. He was sprawled out under the willow tree. In shirtsleeves with the breeze making his hair flutter, he looked quite the youth. She couldn’t let him believe he’d done something wrong.
“No,” she said, shaking her head. “You have been nothing but honest and fair with me.” It was true.
“And yet you are angry.” He wasn’t surprised. There was something rich in his eyes that she didn’t understand. She wanted to fall into them but she knew not what awaited her.
“No, not angry.”
“Not well. Not happy. You were—at least it seemed like you were at first.”
She bit her lip and took a few steps to him. “I have become…confused.”
“About why we married?”
Margaret settled herself next to him on the grass and pulled off her gloves, inspecting the blades she brushed with her hand. Each tickled her fingertips. A dappled ray of sunlight made her wedding band gleam. “Yes. I do not understand why it was necessary for us to marry. Was it only my compromised virtue?”
“Don’t make it less than it is,” he said, taking her hand. “I was selfish, very selfish, that night. But I did it because…” He trailed off. He unbuttoned her cuff and allowed his fingers to trail up inside her sleeve, tracing patterns on her wrist and forearm. Margaret’s lids drifted closed.
“Look at me,” he whispered. Margaret opened her eyes and locked onto his, afraid of what was coming but desperate to hear it all the same.

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Book Promo: “My Highland Lord” by Tarah Scott

Award-winning author Tarah Scott cut her teeth on authors such as Georgette Heyer, Zane Grey, and Amanda Quick. Her favorite book is a Tale of Two Cities, with Gone With the Wind as a close second. She writes modern classical romance and paranormal and romantic suspense. Tarah grew up in Texas and currently resides in Westchester County, New York with her daughter.



London Heiress kidnapped by the Marquess of Ashlund, read the headlines. Yet no one tried to save her.

Phoebe Wallington was seven years old when a mass assassination attempt rocked Regency England. Her father was the only accused traitor to elude capture. Now as a grown woman and a British spy, she is no closer to learning what really happened that day.

Phoebe’s quest for the truth takes a sudden turn when she’s kidnapped by a suspected traitor. But Kiernan MacGregor, the Marquess of Ashlund, may not live long enough to stand trial. Someone wants him dead. And Phoebe stands in the killer’s way.


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Book Promo: “Tampico’s Gold” by Elizabeth Braun


Anna leaves behind her home in England when she moves to Tampico, Mexico with her husband William in the year 1919. Her English ancestry isolates her from her new life, and so begin her daily inscriptions in a poetic diary, which capture her daily thoughts, tribulations and her endeavors to understand the strange new culture that exists around her.


As an avid reader herself, the entries in her diary reflect the books that she is reading. Each entry describes in detail the enormity of the torment that she is subject to; the hardship of adapting to the lifestyle with which she must acquaint herself, along with the pleasures of her new found activities, those of which, will ultimately lead towards her destiny.


Elizabeth Braun delivers an absorbing literary tale of original prose; the daily thoughts of a woman who refuses to concede to her life of cultural and social isolation from the country she lives in. Anyone who has moved into a distinctly different social or cultural environment will be able to relate to her journey. Tampico’s Gold is an illuminating tale that is certain to captivate the reader.

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Tampico’s Gold – Amazon
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Short Story Promo – "Treasuring Theresa" by Susana Ellis

Regency Short Story
Ellora’s Cave
At the betrothal ball of the man she had expected to marry herself, Lady Theresa latches on to Damian Ashby, hoping to divert attention from her own humiliating situation. Of course, she’s not seriously interested because he’s a useless London fribble, in her opinion. He is not favorably impressed with her either.
Still, she’s the daughter of an earl, and he’s the heir to her father’s title and estate, so they are destined to spend more time in each other’s company . . . sooner rather than later. And who knew that the two of them would develop an unlikely attraction to one another?
But can a London swell and a country lady ever make their diverse lives and interests work together?
Author Bio
A former teacher, Susana is finally living her dream of being a full-time writer. She loves all genres of romance, but historical—Regency in particular—is her favorite. There’s just something about dashing heroes and spunky heroines waltzing in ballrooms and driving through Hyde Park that appeals to her imagination.

In real life, Susana is a lifelong resident of northwest Ohio, although she has lived in Ecuador and studied in Spain, France and Mexico. More recently, she was able to travel around England and visit many of the places she’s read about for years, and it was awesome! She is a member of the Maumee Valley and Beau Monde chapters of Romance Writers of America.


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Book Promo: “To Bewtich a Highlander” by Lily Baldwin

Tiger Lily Collaborative Publishing, LLC


Historical Era: To Bewitch a Highlander winds through the misty forests and across the moonlit moors of the Isle of Mull, Scotland, in the year,1263.

She will protect her identity with her very life if necessary. Who will protect her from herself?

Shoney’s lightning speed with a bow captures Ronan by surprise, and their chance meeting ends with him lying unconscious at the bottom of a ravine.

When he awakens, he cannot rid his mind of her startling beauty, her valor, or the secret fear he glimpsed in her steel eyes. He vows to find her, but as the mysteries of her identity unfold, his courage and heart are tested as never before.


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Website:  Tiger Lily Collaborative Publishing
Facebook Page: Lily Baldwin

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Book Promo – "Miss Goldsleigh’s Secret" by Amylynn Bright

Regency Romantic Comedy
Independent  (May 22, 2013)


When Henry Cavendish, Marquess of Dalton, leaped to catch the fainting woman before she hit the cobblestone, he never thought that one chivalrous act would set his well-ordered life on end. His ingrained need to protect her has every bit as much to do with her enchanting beauty as it does his desire to wipe the hunted look from her startling blue eyes. He thinks he has everything in hand, but the lady has secrets that put everything he loves at risk.

Olivia Goldsleigh just wants to live without terror, but a gunshot in the night proves things can always get worse. The beautiful and god-like Lord Dalton swears to protect her, to make the danger go away. She wants the man, the life, the family, the bliss he promises, but her secrets are certain to destroy them all.

Contact Author

Blog:  The Quill Sisters

Website:  AmyLynn Bright  – Regency Romantic Comedy
Twitter   @amylynnbright 
Facebook:  Facebook Page Amylynn Bright, Author


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Book Promo: “Upon Your Return” by Marie Lavender

Victorian Era Romance (1853)
Solstice Publishing (February 13, 2013)



Fara Bellamont has been back in society for a year after leaving Cluny Abbey, where her uncle sent her long ago. When he chooses a suitor for her for marriage, she fears that she will be forced to marry a stranger and live a miserable life.

But, Fara finds herself thrust into an adventure of a lifetime when unforeseen circumstances cause her to place her trust in a strange man for protection. His intervention not only saves her, but puts her in an even more compromising position.

Grant Hill, a trading captain, is enchanted by the young heiress not only because of her beauty, but because she is hardly conventional. Underneath her ladylike exterior lies a tigress. Grant cannot help but offer his protection as she is in need and he is far from immune from her charms.

Fara just never bargained on the passion that she feels for Grant Hill. As events unfold, she must decide whether her desires and the dictates of her heart should trump the rules of society.

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Website: Marie Lavender, Romance Writer
Blogs: Marie Lavender Blog and Marie Lavender Books
Facebook Page Upon Your Return
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