Gabaldon released the first Outlander book in 1991. And since then, she’s written seven more novels for the series. Her last installment, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, was published in 2014. So for nearly seven years, fans have been waiting to see where she takes Claire and Jamie Fraser’s story next. Source: ‘Outlander’ Author Diana Gabaldon Reveals Progress on Book 9Continue Reading

I spend money to expand the reach for authors on the Historical Romance Facebook page. For readers, it’s important to subscribe to our newsletter to get notices of author promotions. Attempting to reach the reader’s audience for authors, continues to grow more difficult.  Most posts on our Facebook page without additional $ promotion, get very little action if any.  It’s a sad state of affairs. Authors, read the article! It’s informative. Readers, if you have Facebook pages too and use Facebook advertising, it’s a wealth of information. Facebook is about to change and authors need to know what’s coming and how to survive the digital upheaval. If you advertise your books on Facebook, you may have a harder time finding new readers. As Facebook collectsContinue Reading

Breaking news! Audible will no longer offer the Audible Escape subscription as of November 1, 2020, which provided romance fans with access to hours of romance. Of course, the titles will still be available to listeners through Audible subscriptions. The reason for the change – unknown. I surmise it may be because of Audible Plus, which allows members to listen to anything in the catalog “as much as they want, whenever they want,” which would include romance. The two packages are probably considered rolled into one now.Continue Reading

Read about the pandemic-driven industry publishing woes. “Books that were bumped from spring and early summer are landing all at once, colliding with long-planned fall releases and making this one of the most crowded fall publishing seasons ever.”  You thought the market was crowded before?  As authors, visibility is a challenge that is even greater. Capacity issues at the two largest printing companies are among the factors creating havoc for authors and publishers. Source: Printer Jam: Serious Supply Issues Disrupt the Book Industry’s Fall Season – The New York Times Here is another article released as well.  590 new releases coming your way in various genres. Source:  590 books will be released on a single day next week — have publishers lost the plot?Continue Reading

You may be asking yourself, so what’s the big deal?  As a reader, you should be informed on how Amazon works with publishers and independent authors. One of the biggest complaints about their “domination” in the industry is Kindle Unlimited.  As an author, if we enroll our books into the KU program, it means that we cannot sell our eBook versions on any other platform as long as we maintain our enrollment.  What does that mean? You won’t find our novels on iBooks, Google Play, and Nook due to exclusivity provisions authors must agree to while in KU. If that wasn’t bad enough to stiffle our sales, while readers pay a flat fee per month to read unlimited books, authors only get paid each timeContinue Reading

More drama. The RITAs cancelled.  Major publishers dropping support as well and distancing themselves from the organization until changes are made.  Read Here The U.S.’s foremost writers association for romance writers has announced that it will postpone the 2020 RITA Contest, the country’s top prize for romance fiction, until next year. Source: RWA Cancels 2020 RITA AwardsContinue Reading

Drama in romance writers land. . . Chinese-American romance writer Milan had been suspended earlier this month for criticizing other novels as being racist. Source: Romance Writers Drama: Courtney Milan’s Suspension Rescinded, 8 Board Members ResignContinue Reading