Legend of the King's Guard Book 4

Book Cover: Undeniable Heart by Kara Griffin
Part of the Legend of the King's Guard series:
  • Undeniable Heart by Kara Griffin
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Brodin Grant is sent to serve the imminent King Robert after he’s embroiled in a downtrodden affair, one he wishes he’d never favored. Now mistrusting of women, he’s must aid the bonny lass who searches for the King’s Guard.

Dallis Buchanan never envisaged her sojourn to England would bring her and her deaf grandmother such turmoil. In the hands of one of England’s most daunting warlords, she is sent to bring the renowned King’s Guard to their knees or to his dungeon. For her compliance, she’ll gain the freedom of her grandmother and safe passage back to her clan. But there’s one wee problem with this mission, and that is the undeniable feelings she has for the blue-eyed Highland guardsman.

As Scotland’s wars intensify to win their freedom, Brodin loses his heart to the winsome beauty. Battles ensue, bringing about Brodin’s alliance with the Buchanans. Unfortunately, it also brings him the misfortune of having to accept Dallis as his own. Their undeniable hearts cannot withstand the love that has joined them forevermore. Will they resist the inevitable?

HEAT INDEX:  Steamy sex with a few descriptive words

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