Book Cover: Thorncroft Manor by Vicki Hopkins
Part of the Romance With a Kiss of Suspense series:
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Caroline Woodard was convinced that she would die a spinster. Her headstrong personality was not her best quality or an attractive female characteristic to eligible Englishmen.

Upon her cousin's invitation to be her maid of honor, she travels to Pendeen, a small village on the Cornwall coast of England. Soon after her arrival, Caroline is introduced to Bramwell Croft, who will be the best man. Even though he is a wealthy owner of a tin mine, Caroline finds him to be a brooding and disagreeable individual. Instantly, their personalities clash like the tempestuous sea that pounds the rocky coastline.

When she is forced to spend more time at Thorncroft than she would like, she finds herself strangely intrigued and attracted to the gloomy lord of the manor. However, as time goes by, Caroline cannot help but wonder if she will be his next victim of seduction or perhaps murder.

HEAT INDEX:  Kisses and hugs, with some tempting moments.

"Romance with a Kiss of Suspense" is a series of individual stories from the Victorian era, set in stately English homes, with mysterious characters, and suspenseful romance.  They are novellas in length.

Previously published under the pen name of Nora Covington.

Publisher: Red Brick Media
Reviews:InD'Tale Magazine wrote:

4.5 Crowned Heart of Excellence - InD'Tale Magazine - "There is but one flaw in this otherwise perfect romance - not enough story!"

With eastern European blood on her father's side and English on her mother's, Vicki blames her ancestors for the lethal combination in her genes that influence her stories. Many of her books bear the character names of her ancestors or are dedicated to their memory, as these individuals lived in the Regency and Victorian eras. The author believes this is a beautiful way to memorialize their lives in periods in which she pens her stories.

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