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For Clarity Putnam, turning 16 means marrying Jacob. Her adolescence is over before it begins. That is, until she meets Victor. Victor is adventurous, reckless, free-spirited… everything about her that now must give way to adulthood. The only problem being, Victor is a Witch.

Years before, the Blood Witches killed Clarity’s sister. A war was fought with the Christians until an uneasy truce was made, administered by the Indians. There has been peace, though Clarity can never forgive them for Samantha’s death.

Now the truce is over.

Victor is not in the Devil’s Service. He is a Green Witch, but to the magistrates of Salem Village, all Witches are alike. Wickedness must be eradicated. And Jacob will stop at nothing to see Victor discredited and hung.

So, Clarity must choose between Jacob and a life with her family and Salem Village, or Victor and a magical tale which could end in tragedy. This story of two star-crossed lovers will take you on a trip to a world you never knew existed, where love is the greatest magic of all.

Heat Index:  Kisses and Hugs


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