Book Cover: The Highwayman's Folly by Daria Vernon
Part of the The Rewards of Ruin series:
  • The Highwayman's Folly by Daria Vernon
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Deep in the forest, in a decaying hunting lodge, a curious bond flickers into existence...

BETH CLARKE has earned perhaps the most dubious distinction in England--that of being kidnapped twice in one night. Thirty years old and burdened with new responsibilities, her life is a far cry from the rebellion of her youth. Worse, a greedy land agent has designs on her new fortune. When his attempt to abduct her is waylaid by a band of highwaymen, the thieves' mysterious "Captain" offers Beth a strange salvation--perhaps not only from a cold night, but from a cold past, as well . . .

RHYS BOOKER was born to a different name, one that he no longer deserves. Cruel turns of fate have brought him here, to a life outside the law--a life that felt like the only possibility before she came into it. With a robbery gone sideways, he can't simply leave this woman to freeze on the highroads, but with a crew of hungry men depending on him, he can't let her go either . . .

Far from the dangers of the forest and reunited under the gaze of those who rejected them, can their passion ever survive?

HEAT INDEX: Sex with graphic description short of erotica

The Highwayman's Folly is an adversaries-to-lovers romance set in the 1780s. In addition to the romance, it features rugged action scenes and has gothic undertones. For those who wish it, further notes on content can be found at

Publisher: Independently Published

DARIA VERNON peaked in the third grade.

Her debut book, about a cockatiel named Popcorn, was published in first grade by Mrs. Sawyer's Imprint--a feisty independent press consisting of a lamination machine in the janitor's closet next door to the classroom. In second grade, she declared to her mother that she would win the statewide "Day in the Classroom" essay contest. Her mom taught her the word "cocky" in the context of "don't be," but she went on to win the essay contest and a $100 bill. By the end of third grade she had penned (and illustrated) more than half a dozen spiral bound books, had attended multiple Young Author's Conventions, and had been awarded the school district's highest honor for a poem about chess that strained the limitations of metaphor.

It was downhill from there.

Today Daria sweats over the computer keys in the hopes of bringing adventurous historical romances to life for her readers. Sometimes swashbuckling. Sometimes gothic. Always sensually steamy.

When Daria isn't writing, she can be found: *figure skating, *enjoying retro French pop dance nights, *solo traveling, playing dress up, tending to her mental health and crafting/creating.

*These items subject to the status of raging global pandemic at time of writing.

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