A Steamy Historical Romance

Book Cover: Secrets Between Lovers by Charlie Lane
Part of the London Secrets series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

Uncovering secrets can be dangerous. She has no other choice. 

Lady Maggie’s dowry is gone, her family’s estate is in disrepair, and each new work of art her parents purchase lead them closer to bankruptcy. They’re all headed for ruination unless she can use the yearly house party her parents host to discover secrets and spin them into gold. What’s a little bit of blackmail when it’s done to save your family? And the mysterious and gorgeous new guest, Mr. Tobias Blake, will prove the perfect first mark.

Tobias is an expert at keeping secrets. From his clothing to his quips, everything about him is a carefully constructed costume. He’d rather the world see a fop and fool than risk getting hurt again. Keeping his secrets at the Waneborough house party should be as easy as breathing. Except his host’s observant and charming daughter sees right through his charade to the ambitious artist beneath.

Maggie needs secrets to save her family, but Tobias won’t reveal his. Success, family, love—they’ll lose it all if they can’t learn to trust each other.

HEAT INDEX:  Sex with graphic description short of erotica

Publisher: Independently Published
I love Regency romance because of the formality, the decorum, the barely suppressed passions running right beneath the surface. I love it because the Regency period was one of huge social conflict, and we all know conflict makes for good stories. As a period in which women suffered great inequality and injustice, the Regency period is a perfect setting for exploring women's passions, intellect, and identity.

This is what you'll find in my novels and novellas, I hope--heroines trying to figure out who they are and where they fit into their restrictive worlds; compassionate (and hunky) heroes; and laughs, lots of laughs.

Oh, and some steamy bits! So bring your fans, dear readers. It may get hot.

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