Book Cover: Mysteries of Lady Theo by Rachel Ann Smith
Part of the Agents of the Home Office series:
  • Mysteries of Lady Theo by Rachel Ann Smith
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It was left to her to fulfill her family’s duty to the Crown.

When Lady Theodora Neale’s papa dies, a volume guarded by her family for generations comes into her possession—and with it a sacred duty. Lady Theo is determined to honor her papa’s deathbed request to carry out missions directed by the esteemed Lord Archbroke.

But when Archbroke suggests they enter into a feigned courtship, Lady Theo is blindsided. She’s willing to put her life on the line for the Crown, but no one said anything about risking her heart!

For years he prioritized his duty to the Crown before all else.

Upon first sight, Graham Drummond, the Earl of Archbroke, is bewitched by the mysterious Lady Theodora. As he evaluates the woman’s ability to complete missions for the Home Office, he finds himself assessing her suitability as his future countess.

The two work well together and enjoy each other’s company much more than they ought to. But as Theo becomes involved in one of Archbroke’s open investigations, she learns that he is the one man she can never have.

Will the same duty that forced them together be what ultimately drives them apart?

Mysteries of Lady Theo is part of the steamy Agents of the Home Office regency romance series. If you like regency spies, head strong heroines, and romance with a twist, then you’ll adore Rachel Ann Smith’s page-turning novel.

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Heat Index:  Steamy sex with a few descriptive words


Publisher: Penford Publishing

About the Author

Rachel Ann Smith writes steamy historical romances with a twist. Her debut series, Agents of the Home Office, features female protagonists that defy convention.  When Rachel isn't writing, she loves to read and spend time with the family. She is frequently found with her Kindle by the pool during the summer, on the side-lines of the soccer field in the spring and fall, or curled up on the couch during the winter months.  She currently lives in Colorado with her extremely understanding husband and their two very supportive children.

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