Book Cover: Mistakes Not to Make When Avoiding a Rake by Fenna Edgewood
Part of the The Gardner Girls series:
  • Mistakes Not to Make When Avoiding a Rake by Fenna Edgewood
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In the sleepy country village of Bedford, the promise of love can transform the most world-weary rake, and the power of passion can move a proud young woman to repent of even her most stubborn prejudices.

A cynical rake…

The arrival of Thomas Campbell and his elder brother has the village of Bedford abuzz with excitement. Not only is Thomas tall, dark, and handsome, he is also rumored to be a most notorious rake.

Claire Gardner is young, innocent, and completely infuriating. Yet given an opportunity, Thomas can't help teaching the headstrong beauty a lesson in desire.

A quiet life for a lady...

Content with a simple rural life, Claire Gardner has no wish for a season in London nor is she eager to wed. But after a catastrophic mistake compromises her honor, Claire finds herself ensnared in scandal.

Claire is quite certain reformed rakes do not make the best husbands. She would rather face shame than lose her freedom to a man she is convinced does not love her. But as rumors swirl regarding her ruined reputation, the condemnation of her neighbors becomes more than she can bear.

Tormented by a bitter betrayal, Thomas has steeled himself against ever loving again—but he harbors a secret which leaves him in need of a wife. Will the truth about the other woman in Thomas’s life destroy their marriage before it has even begun?

Book Details

Mistakes Not to Make When Avoiding a Rake is a standalone story. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happily ever after.

Heat Level: Sweet-with-Heat, Slow Burn (Sex Behind Closed Doors)

Publisher: Independently Published

Fenna Edgewood has always been a lover of literature as evidenced by her nine years spent hiding out in the ivory tower of academia completing two Bachelors degrees, a Masters, and part of a doctorate in Medieval and Renaissance literature. Research comes naturally to her after years spent writing academic papers.

She has worked as a wedding photographer, an editor and proofreader, a university instructor, and a secondary school teacher. Her adventures have taken her across North America and she has lived in a variety of regions, most recently high above the Arctic Circle, where she lives with her Johnny-Depp-lookalike husband (really, he does) and two cute-but-crazy small children. She does not know how to build an iglu (igloo), but she does know some Inuktitut and a little Middle English.

Fenna read her first Regency romance at an age where she still had to stuff it under her mattress. She always planned to write books but was waiting until she was a lot older and wiser. Now that time has finally come. At least, she hopes you’ll think so.

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Lastly, Fenna would love to hear from her readers. If you find a typo (gasp!), a historical inaccuracy (double gasp and choke), or simply want to pass on some feedback or comments, please reach out! Every effort has been made to fact check and proofread, although a few artistic liberties have sometimes been taken when it comes to exclamations and idioms.

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