Book Cover: Lessons in Forgiveness by Emma Lee Stonebridge
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

The Lessons in Love series centers around the students of Lady Porter’s School for Young Ladies.   Esther Neville and Penelope Wright are talented young ladies and dearest friends who are impatient to leave school and make their debuts. Unfortunately, Esther’s father has disappeared and Penelope is an orphan relying on the goodwill of her absent guardian, Lord Laurence.

When Lady Porter summons Penelope’s guardian, the handsome young man arrives intending to whisk Penelope to London for a fashionable come out under the sponsorship of his quirky aunt, Lady Theodora. Knowing that Esther must make a good marriage in order to go on with her life and having no confidence in the girl’s father, Lady Porter arranges for her to accompany her friend.

While in London, Esther searches for her father among the ton, hoping that he will guide her choice of marriage partner. But as the Season progresses, she fights her growing and inappropriate attraction to Lord Laurence, who hides a murky and dangerous past.

Limited by the constraints of their upbringing, both young ladies struggle to find happiness until tragedy strikes. Will they ever be able to forgive themselves and each other?


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