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Lady Charlotte by Vicki Hopkins


Lady Charlotte by Vicki Hopkins

Ladies of Disgrace

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Lady Charlotte goes to great lengths to keep her scandalous reputation, feeling no remorse whatsoever for her unconventional social behavior. Cedric, her cousin, thinks she’s an embarrassment to their extended family and decides to embark on the impossible task of reformation. In doing so, he engages a man known for his untainted moral character and respectability among his peers. Albert Beckett eagerly accepts the quest to reform Charlotte, feeling it his moral duty. Charlotte, on the other hand, finds Albert to be a pompous aristocrat, who she spitefully decides to corrupt as he attempts to transform her character. As the two face off for battle, who will win the challenge? Will Charlotte reform her wayward ways? Will Albert fall prey to Charlotte’s trap? A delightful outcome awaits them both.

HEAT INDEX:  A few risque kiss and hugs but plenty of innuendos.

Lady Charlotte  (set in Victorian era) is the third in a series of books tagged Ladies of Disgrace - Every Era Has Its Fallen Women.  Lady Isabella (set in 1930's) and Lady Grace (set during WW1) are part of the series.

Publisher: Holland Legacy Publishing

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