Book Cover: Kindred: An American Love Story by P. J. Dean
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BOOK ONE IN THE LOVE VANQUISHES ALL STAND-ALONE SERIES!***2015 WINNER OF THE BEST HISTORICAL ROMANCE AS CHOSEN BY THE SWIRL AWARDS!***This is a revised re-release of a previous book with a new publisher. It now contains an extensive glossary and a bibliography.

An herbalist and free woman of color, Kindred Twain and Lelaheo/Cassian Harkness, an Oneida Indian, had been inseparable since childhood, so it was no surprise to anyone when their childhood bond blossomed into love as they grew into adulthood. Neither suspected when they agreed to wait to wed until Lelaheo had completed his medical studies in Europe that they were poised on the eve of the American Revolution. Which will happen, could happen first? Raging battles sure to destroy the region? A bitter man come to settle debts with their benefactor Dr. Douglas Twain and to rip asunder all he's built? Or will a young, British miss named Adeline determined to tear the couple apart forever, succeed first?

Reviews:Nan Prah's Romance Blog wrote:

"I adored Kindred, her intelligence and her feistiness. And Lelaheo was perfect - just perfect. This was a fabulous novel. I give this book five out of five head scarf shaped chocolate bars." - Nana Prah, Nana Prah's Romance Blog

Romance Novels in Color wrote:

"It was my first time reading Ms. Dean's work, and I must say I absolutely loved it! Rarely, are there well-written interracial historicals with a Native American man and Black woman at the forefront. The premise is simple, but the weaving of the tale was well done. The historical references and research regarding Lelaheo's tribe was fantastic! I learned a great deal. What I most enjoyed was the utilization of Gullah dialect by Kindred's grandmother. It brought authenticity to the story line". - Romance Novels in Color

P. J. Dean has always loved making up stories for as long as she can recall. Fiction book writing was a no-brainer. Scribbling stories since childhood, she put away the thought of becoming a published writer as she got older and as life's responsibilities beckoned. Work, ill family members and other distractions of lesser urgency stayed her dream. But through it all she never stopped writing. Writing was her escape. It kept her dream alive. After a job loss and after the family illnesses ended, she concentrated on writing with an aim to be published. She finally did, at first on her own, then through an early e-pub and now with Extasy Books. She thanks Extasy for picking her up. The medium-sized publisher has given her the freedom to create what she wants without pigeon-holing her into writing in a certain way, as many traditional Big Five publishers would have expected her to do if they would have even considered what she had to offer at all.

She writes historical and science fiction romances with characters from all walks of life. The need to see people of color in more romance books, written by people of color, led her to create her own science fiction romance series with an interracial duo and lots of different people. In addition to the aliens.

Her "Felig Chronicles" series, in particular its 4th book, Paradox, received a 2014 SFR Galaxy Award for the "Best Unpredictable Sci-fi Romance"series.

She hails from the mid-Atlantic USA and enjoys the change of seasons there. Sometimes. When heavy thunderstorms or 45-inch snowstorms or 100-degree summers with matching humidity hit, she dreams of Bermuda. Otherwise, the rest works for her.

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