Jones-Star Series Book 1

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Historical – Western – Sweet Romance – Family saga - Faith-Based – Pioneer Adventures. 

He’s a Montana Cowboy and she’s a Boston aristocrat.  Together they are broken ashes and spitfire, discovering common ground in a shared dream. But, even if they can somehow see eye-to-eye and partner-up, their past lives lay in wait, ready to pounce and destroy any chance of a new beginning.

The train arrives at the station on Patrick Jones' wedding day, but his dreams go up in steam when it fails to bring his childhood sweetheart, Genevieve, west with it. Instead, he finds himself burdened with the responsibility of her adventurous younger sister.

While naïve Ruth Ellen has a hidden agenda concerning both Aspen Glen in Montana territory and her sister’s cast off, she has no idea as to the lengths her prestigious family from Boston will go to stop her from achieving her independence.

Despite Patrick’s emotional battles, he is challenged and intrigued by Ruth Ellen, but it soon becomes obvious that his heart cannot accept the one similarity between the two Thorncrest sisters: Deception.

Do dreams have a plan B? Follow the journey of faith, hope, and love with Patrick Jones, and experience the forces that lay ‘Hidden’ in the first adventure of the Jones-Star series.



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