The Swashbuckling Romance Series

Book Cover: Heroes & Thieves by Jane Reynolds


He doesn't like her; she doesn't care. A Robin Hood pirate captain straight out of legends encounters a saucy barmaid with a dark secret from her past that threatens to ruin her present, and life for both of them will never be the same.

Belle has no intention to return to Port Royal and to a life she wanted to forget. She needs to get off Tortuga and start a new chapter in her life, not take a step back. People - including her family - thought she was dead, and she wants to keep it that way.

But Captain Donovan is her only way off the island, with the plan to pillage and plunder a wealthy tradesman's estate. He offers her a way off Tortuga in exchange for her services - he needs a woman to pose as his bride as a means to garner trust and ward off suspicion.

There's one snag in their plan, however - the wealthy tradesman is Belle's father.

If anyone finds out Donovan is THE Captain Aaron Donovan, bloodthirsty pirate and wanted for his multiple crimes against the Crown, he'll be hung on the gallows - a warning for all other pirate captains. If Belle is recognized, the last several years of trying to escape a haunting past will be for nothing. Whether they like it or not, they need each other or everything will be ruined.

HEAT INDEX:  Sex behind closed doors left for the imagination.


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