Book Cover: Held Captive by Grace A. Johnson
Part of the Daughters of the Seven Seas series:
  • Held Captive by Grace A. Johnson
Editions:Kindle: $ 5.99Paperback: $ 8.66

Captain Rina Blackstone is the most notorious female pirate to ever plunder the Seven Seas and the fiercest captain to ever sail the Atlantic. But one thing she has never been able to handle well is change. When one merchant ship raid takes a wrong turn and results in her capture, Rina has to escape before all the control she’s worked so hard to obtain falters.

Xavier Bennet was commissioned seven years ago to find the Duke of Rothsford’s long lost daughter. Those seven years have past without a trace of the woman except for the one letter he believes will lead him to her. When Xavier’s ship, the Jessica, finally crosses paths with the Rina, it’s all he can do to hope that somehow, someway, he’ll be able to find Lady Catherina and return her to her parents. Except the pirate captain he finds certainly surpasses his expectations and brings the one thing he cannot afford: trouble.
Lies. That’s all that spews from Xavier Bennet’s lips. Lies. And Rina is determined not to listen, not to believe. Only to wiggle her way out of his clutches before all the pieces come together and reveal exactly what she doesn’t want… the truth.

HEAT INDEX:  Hugs and Kisses

Publisher: Independently Published

Grace A. Johnson first began writing at four. Of course, in those days her stories were merely scribbles. As time went on, she went from princess stories to Barbie picture books to some of her very first novels at ten. "Held Captive" was one of the first, and was published after nearly two years of hard work. She is now a college student balancing her home-life with her schooling and her writing. Her greatest inspiration is her Savior and friend, Jesus Christ, and her one mission is to reach others for him.

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