Love Vanquishes All Book 2

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Awa is a dutiful daughter, and she knows that certain decisions aren’t hers to make, so when her family pledges her to marry someone who’s just a friend, she is resigned to her duty. When that marriage is broken so she can marry a man who is a womanizer, a wastrel, and worse—isn’t Catholic—she resists with all her heart and eternal soul.

Blaise has hated Catholics since they murdered his parents. He shuns the traditional responsibilities of adulthood, let alone politics and diplomacy, preferring to drink, dance, and hunt down those responsible for the deaths of his parents. When his uncle and guardian pledges his hand in marriage, Blaise resists. When he realizes his bride-to-be is a detested Catholic, he rebels.

Set in 16th Century France, DISSENT is a romance that plays out against a backdrop of sectarian conflict, national politics, and global realpolitik. Brought together to foster harmony in France, Blaise and Awa must find a way to love someone who stands for everything they hate with the fate of France and her place in the world hanging in the balance.


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