Book Cover: Bitter Bonds by Heather Osborne
Editions:: $ 2.99: $ 10.99: $ 17.95

Brutally torn between duty and his heart, Henri Du Cormier never expected to be completely enraptured with Adrienne Beaumont, the sister of his betrothed. As the new owner of St. Esprit, Henri knows he must work his way into a tight-knit society, and spurning his fiancée will do the complete opposite. However, there are hidden secrets, black magic, and voodoo entwined like poisonous vines into the Louisiana plantation. Will Henri end up cursing himself in life and love?

Adrienne Beaumont is anything but ordinary in a world of demure, Southern belles. Desiring little more than to be rid of a vengeful older sister, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the mysterious Henri Du Cormier. As their lives grow increasingly entangled, will Adrienne give in to the burgeoning attraction, or will fate play another card?

Heat Index:  Steamy sex with a few descriptive words.


Reviews:Jack Magnus on Readers' Favorite wrote:

Osborne's plot is lively, sensual, and dark by turns, and her descriptions of the two estates and the culture of the time and place are first rate. I had a grand time reading this book. There are marvelous characters to fall in love with, and an evil antagonist who becomes positively fearsome at times. Bitter Bonds is most highly recommended.

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