Book Cover: An Agreement with the Soldier by Sadie Bosque
Part of the Necessary Arrangements series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

A broken soldier...

John Godfrey, the Baron of Ashbury, has spent most of his life as a soldier. He was never meant to become a baron. But circumstances have changed and now that he's back home, he has to face another battle - saving his failing estates. Marriage to an heiress seems like the simplest solution and finding a lady of his heart turns out to be an easy task. But can a beautiful, clever and free-spirited lady truly love the broken shell of a man he's become?

And his lady angel...

Miss Samantha Lewis has never felt anything akin to an infatuation she feels for John. Marriage to a man she already desires sounds like a dream come true. Only the moment the vows are spoken, he's changed and turned into a surly beast. Samantha will not give up on her idea of wedded bliss, even if it means turning both their lives upside down to achieve it.

Will their union be doomed? Or is theirs a match made in heaven?

HEAT INDEX:  Steamy sex with a few descriptive words.

Publisher: Independently Published

Sadie Bosque is a shy and sheltered young woman from the outskirts of the World. Being a loner, she was immersed in the fictional worlds of books since she knew how to read. In her thirties, with the Pandemic changing the rules of the World she picked up a pen, or rather a laptop, and started crafting stories in the Historical Romance World.

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