Book Cover: Always Your Love by Ellie St. Claire
Editions:: $ 2.99

Lady Hannah Blackburn has always been an obedient daughter, doing exactly as she is told. So when her sister runs off with a footman and her parents decide on a hastily arranged marriage for her, she agrees. Then she kisses a stranger in the library on the same night her fiancée has a tryst of his own and suddenly everything changes.

Lord Edmund Marshville, a former soldier and the second son of an earl, has one desire — to be left alone with his scars and his memories in his remote Hollingswood Estate. When he gives in to his mother’s plea to attend his brother’s engagement party, he doesn’t realize how life altering one night can be. For when his brother must marry the woman he compromises, suddenly Edmund takes on the role of groom to his brother’s original bride, a role he has no wish to assume.

When Hannah and Edmund return to Hollingswood, it doesn’t seem like they will ever be married in anything more than name, until they begin to uncover secrets hidden for decades. Will attempting to reunite lost loves help them find their way to each other, or do the fates have other plans for them?

Heat Index: For readers over 18 due to steamy content.


Ellie has always loved reading, writing, and history. 
For many years she has written short stories, non-fiction, and can hardly believe that she is now living out her dream writing historical romance.

In every era there is the chance for romance, and Ellie enjoys exploring many different time periods, cultures, and geographic locations. No matter when or where, love can always prevail.
 She has a particular soft spot for the bad boys of history, and can't help but write of strong, feisty heroines.

Ellie and her husband love nothing more than spending time at home with their two sons and Husky cross. Ellie can typically be found at the lake in the summer, pushing the stroller all year round, and, of course, with her computer in her lap or a book in hand.

Hearing from readers always makes her day!

Contact her on Facebook at, and sign up for her mailing list at

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