The Maybrook Triology

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~*~ 1902-1912 ~*~

Abigail Everett and August Black have been sweethearts for years but when her politically ambitious, cruel father separates them their love takes the ultimate test...time.

After nine years of being forced apart, Abigail finds herself back in her hometown Maybrook, Pennsylvania to work as a nanny, where people, places, and things have changed. The place is in a political uproar with the Mayoral elections nearing again. Now the battle between progress and forward thinking is raging against tradition and old social values as the turn of the century continues to ensure an upheaval of the rules.

Change lurks everywhere, especially, for August, who is now an important part of the community. His newfound success is due to more than just hard work. It is also due to the many sacrifices he's made; including his own desires. Abigail finds he has come a long way from the boy she loved but the flame is not yet out.

Like it or not, he is also the only person that can help unlock the secrets of Abigail's parent's past. The only person that can help her find the answer to why her father abused her and despised her beloved mother so much. The dark and well-hidden mystery that her mother died with will soon be discovered but avoiding scandal and doing what is best for everyone is a constant obstacle.

Will August be able to remember his love for Abigail and the man he was before he is pressed to be the man everyone now expects him to be? Valentine's Day was once August and Abigail's most meaningful day and now it has come back around but will they still be one another's Valentine?

**The Maybrook Trilogy is better to be read in sequence.

Book One: A Valentine for August

Book Two: A Passion for Henrietta`

Book Three: A Song for Giselle  

Book Four: A Letter for Randal

HEAT INDEX: This book does contain some violence and mature sexual content best suited for ages 18 years and up.


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