Book Cover: A Liberating Hope by Marlene Bierworth
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

Memories in the big house play havoc with the lonely, middle-aged, Henry Forrester, causing him to wonder if love will ever find him again.

When Abigail Fleishman is shipwrecked in Spruce Hill, and the unconscious woman is brought to recover in the Forrester home, age old conflicts arise. And, although Henry and Abigail both yearn for hope’s liberation, neither are prepared for the test set before them.

Join the old gang—Bethany, Troy, and Henry, as unexpected company drops in, causing mayhem in the peaceful life they have finally settled into. Marlene Bierworth's second contribution to the series will bring the Forrester family one step closer to complete liberation of mind and spirit.

Grab your copy today of this historical cozy mystery romance.

HEAT INDEX:  Kisses and hugs.

Publisher: Independently Published

Marlene Bierworth lives in Ontario, Canada and loves to write family rated books. It is her goal to inspire her readers to "Dream Big Dreams and Live Big Lives" and to "provide a wholesome reading alternative."

She seasons her stories to include action, adventure, romance, and emotional conflicts, with the meat of the tale touching on issues that concern families in any time period. When the story is told, the book ends, whether it is a short story or a full-length novel.

Marlene's first writings, targeted 'teens' and the 'young at heart', her focus being to cross the generation gap and entertain families.

Life's experiences feed Marlene's imagination and from them evolve characters and adventures that will keep the reader turning the pages. Fiction is her favourite genre but non-fiction is now available. The ABC's of Marriage, complete with worksheets for study and reflective purposes was written for couples or group study.

For the adult audience who enjoy sweet romance, in a historical setting, with cowboys in western Montana, then the Jones-Star series is for you. Enjoy the adventures of this family saga with romance leading the way. A weekly newsletter: inspiration and Clean Romance book deals. Sign up today:

"Life is an adventure waiting to be told" and it is Marlene's goal to "help book lovers experience it to the fullest."


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