Book Cover: A Hero for Lady Abigail by Maggie Dallen & Katherine Ann Madison
Part of the A Wallflower's Wish series:
  • A Hero for Lady Abigail by Maggie Dallen & Katherine Ann Madison
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

With one season left for Lady Abigail to find a husband, now is certainly not the time to lose her head...or her heart.

No one would mistake Lady Abigail for a delicate wallflower. In fact, she's more like the gardener's shears. But with her parents' ultimatum still ringing in her ears, “Choose a husband now or we’ll choose for you,” Lady Abigail is desperate. Luckily Major Mayfield is the perfect bait to help her lure her prey. There's only one problem. He wants nothing to do with her. But a little adversity never stopped her. This is her last chance and she means to make it work. Even if it means playing nice...for once.

Major Mayfield has no interest in the belle of the ball, and even less in a lady who is spoiled rotten. He's already chosen the perfect's just too bad he can't seem to remember her name when Lady Abigail is nearby. But that's only because she is so very irritating. And clever. And, of course, everyone knows that she has beauty in spades. No, what the major finds so intriguing is the rare glimpse of her true nature when she thinks no one is watching. The more he digs, the more he's stunned to find...she's more than a diamond in the rough. In fact, she might just be a diamond of the first water.

HEAT INDEX:  Kisses and Hugs

Publisher: Independently Published
Maggie Dallen is a big city girl living in Montana. She writes adult and young adult romantic comedies in a range of genres. An unapologetic addict of all things romance, she loves to connect with fellow avid readers on Facebook, Twitter or at To keep up to date with her new releases (and for giveaways, sale alerts, and sneak peeks), sign up for her monthly newsletter at

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