Book Cover: A Deal with the Earl by Sadie Bosque
Part of the Necessary Arrangements series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

There is no love in society marriages unless one makes a deal with the earl.

Lady Julia has dreamed of marrying her childhood sweetheart since she was four years old. But her father has other plans, he wants her to marry an earl. When she is forced into an unwanted betrothal, Julie needs to make a choice: ruin her honor, but wait for her true love or make a deal with the forbidding earl.

Robert, the earl of Clydesdale, has sworn off love and a marriage of convenience is more to his liking. So he wasn’t about to turn away a beautiful young lady’s plea for help in exchange for her hand in marriage. But once he spends more time with his betrothed, his icy heart begins to melt. Only his betrothed is in love with another. Now Robert has a choice, either lock his heart away and live in misery, or take a risk and fight for the woman he loves.

Publisher: Independently Published

Sadie Bosque is a shy and sheltered young woman from the outskirts of the World. Being a loner, she was immersed in the fictional worlds of books since she knew how to read. In her thirties, with the Pandemic changing the rules of the World she picked up a pen, or rather a laptop, and started crafting stories in the Historical Romance World.

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