It’s been a busy week for author promotions. Here is a recap of what you may have missed on our website. Make sure to follow the links on our page to see the covers, read the synopsis, and peek inside. The purchase price, links to retailers, and various formats, along with the sub-genre of historical romance are listed for your review. You can also get notices of new releases via email by signing up for our newsletter.

Our first promotion was a book titled Kindred, an American Love story by author P.J. Dean, a winner of the best historical romance as chosen by the Swirl Awards. It is set in Colonial America and published by Divine Destinies. A brief synopsis is as follows. An herbalist and free woman of color, Kindred Twain and Lelaheo/Cassian Harkness, an Oneida Indian, had been inseparable since childhood, so it was no surprise to anyone when their childhood bond blossomed into love as they grew into adulthood.

Our second promotion was a book titled Keep No Secrets by author Charlie Lane is a Regency romance and independently published. A brief synopsis is as follows. With five and forty years behind him, Nathan Knightly, Earl of Beckingham has everything he’s ever wanted—respect for his landscape design and a wife he utterly adores. True, he and Lola are childless, but with a hothouse full of exotic plants and heated kisses around every corner, he’s content with his happily ever after.

Our third promotion was a book titled Lion and the Lamb by Elizabeth Rose is a Medieval romance published by RoseScribe Media. A brief synopsis is as follows. Widow, Rachael Bainard is furious to learn that her uncle has betrothed her to their enemy, the Lion of the South. Her young son needs a father, but one bad marriage was enough and Rachael is in no hurry to wed again. If she can stall long enough, Lent will begin. By the laws of the church, no marriages are allowed between the start of Lent and Easter.

Our fourth promotion was a book titled An Undesirable Liaison by Elizabeth Bailey is a Georgian romance and independently published. A brief synopsis is as follows. Florence must find employment. Escaped from one threat, she dives into another when chance throws her into dangerous proximity with the brooding Jerome. Violent attraction puts her at the brink of the abyss she fears most. Is she doomed to repeat her mother’s history?

Our fifth promotion was a book titled Never Doubt a Duke by Maggi Andersen is a Regency romance published by Dragonblade Publishing. Maggie is a USA Today Best Selling Author. A brief synopsis is as follows: Take an arranged marriage, add a damaged duke who doesn’t wish to marry, and an independent lady intent on her own pursuits. Stir in an explosive, passionate attraction. Sparks fly!

Our sixth publication was a book titled Earl of Shefford by Anna St. Claire, and is part of the Wicked Earls’ Club series. It’s a regency romance published by Sassy Romances. A brief synopsis is as follows: Colin, Earl of Shefford, visits a building he has won in a wager, having determined its address to be an excellent location for a new club. Discovering not only a fully functioning orphanage but a beautiful headmistress who refuses his offer of an alternative establishment, he suffers a pique of temper.

I hope you enjoy this week’s recap. Happy searching for your next book!

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