What the 2021 Facebook Changes Mean for Authors (Press This! Author Media)

I spend money to expand the reach for authors on the Historical Romance Facebook page. For readers, it’s important to subscribe to our newsletter to get notices of author promotions. Attempting to reach the reader’s audience for authors, continues to grow more difficult.  Most posts on our Facebook page without additional $ promotion, get very little action if any.  It’s a sad state of affairs.

Authors, read the article! It’s informative. Readers, if you have Facebook pages too and use Facebook advertising, it’s a wealth of information.

Facebook is about to change and authors need to know what’s coming and how to survive the digital upheaval. If you advertise your books on Facebook, you may have a harder time finding new readers. As Facebook collects less personal information about readers, your ads may become less effective and more expensive. If the costs of reader acquisition increase enough, it may become impossible to advertise on Facebook profitably.


Source: What the 2021 Facebook Changes Mean for Authors – Author Media

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