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‘Bridgerton’ Isn’t As Sex Positive As It Thinks (Press This! IndieWire)

This article on IndieWire is a bit harsh, calling Bridgerton’s storyline as “perpetrating harmful myths” (I’m not too keen on the word choice).  So let’s back-up the carriage here, folks.  He’s not just talking about the series, but he’s criticizing the premise of Julia Quinn’s historical romance novel, and undoubtedly thousands of other books by other authors.

Apparently, due to the so-called lack of “practical sex education in this country,” the information expressed in this series paints a “dismal” portrait.  It gives the idea that sex is “wildly passionate” and everlasting love is the norm (those darn romance books with HEA).  I doubt readers believe that the Duke & I is a sex education manual. 

The writer of this article definitely doesn’t understand the historical romance genre, or why readers enjoy reading the fantasy of wild sexual encounters and happily ever after.  Readers already know the reality of sex and love and turn to books and period dramas such as Bridgerton to escape for a few hours.  I  sincerely doubt that Bridgerton is being used as sex education by women who never had organisms, or youth experiencing their first sexual encounter.  The writer also points out only 64 percent of women have organisms during intercourse and criticizes Daphne’s experience of fantasying about her first with Simon. Tsk. Tsk.

I guess I’m as guilty as any other author that I perpetuate (a better choice of words) myths of sexual pleasure and happy ever after scenarios.  What is to be done with us?  I know — keep writing and keep reading.

It’s unfortunate, however, that Daphne’s sexual awakening arrives entirely at the hands of Simon, a man. It may be progressive for the Regency era, but it’s condescending and coddling to today’s women and girls.

Source: ‘Bridgerton’ Isn’t As Sex Positive As It Thinks | IndieWire

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