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How Bridgerton Can Avoid Outlander’s Mistakes (Press This! Den of Geek)

Bridgerton is one of the most-anticipated premieres of the season. Here are a few changes the Netflix adaptation can and should make to the source material.

Source: How Bridgerton Can Avoid Outlander’s Mistakes | Den of Geek

This is a must-read article that brings up key questions about source materials in books and adaptations to screen.  There will be deviations from Julia Quinn’s books in both race and sexual encounters.  There are also good comparisons to Outlander and Poldark, which were adapted to screen.

It raises the question:

  • Do you prefer historical romance to be accurate to the times in which people lived?
  • Do you prefer that history be adjusted in historical romance to be in tune with today’s movements towards race equality, the me-too campaign, or sexual orientation?

Feel free to comment.

4 thoughts on “How Bridgerton Can Avoid Outlander’s Mistakes (Press This! Den of Geek)

  1. In regards to the Bridgerton series coming soon – I think if it is historical in any way, shape or form, it should NOT remake for today’s audiences. That’s inaccurate to the genre and history itself. It’s going to be hard to overlook this glaring issue.


  2. I do not believe that history should be distorted to satisfy political correctness. In the era that these stories are set, there were no aristocrats of color; women were totally treated as property, even women with their own personal wealth; men had to hide their sexual preferences for fear of being hanged; people who were plus-sized were shamed (as they are today), etc. You cannot rewrite history: these injustices happened. What you can do is to try and ameliorate the culture of our world going forward. I loved The Bridgertons and read every book. I am probably not going to watch the show. The books are too precious for me to bowdlerize the content.


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