the ask@AAR: Does Historical Romance Have a Quality Problem?  

This is a very interesting article with lots of comments that deserves re-posting. I, for one, even as an author, lament the rut that Historical Romance has been in for some time.  I wrote about it last year, posting that thought. Read Here.

Some of the comments bring up good points about overused tropes, historical inaccuracies, and characters sounding and acting far too modern. Authors struggle with the fact that the days of bodice rippers are over and the “me-too” attitude should now be in books. That’s a hard task to accomplish when people want historical accuracy but they don’t want to read about women who in reality had very little rights.

Sure, there were pockets of strong women who accomplished much in life in spite of living in a man’s world.  Nevertheless, it’s like the constant focus upon aristocrats in historical romance when only ten percent of the population was in that class in England.  What happens to the ninety percent without titles? I suppose it doesn’t satisfy the need for the fantasy of the rich lifestyles and the titled duke when falling in love with a farmer or bricklayer is no doubt a boring prospect.  We cannot always blame the authors who try to write beyond those constraints because of the lack of interest, although we do have those occasional pirates, cowboys, and Vikings to freshen the mix.

Whatever the thought, you might enjoy the hot comments on All About Romance.

We listen to you, we really do. And we’ve noticed that you, along with several of our reviewers, aren’t all that happy with most – not all, but most – of the historical romance that’s been published in the past year or so. Using our Power Search feature, we looked at all the Historical Romance reviews we’ve written in 2019. We’ve given out 19 As, 47 Bs, 21 Cs, 13 Ds, and 2 Fs. Getting Cs, Ds, and Fs were several authors we’ve reviewed positively in the past: Victoria Alexander, Lorraine Heath, Madeline Hunter, Anne Gracie, Marguerite Kaye, and Laura Lee Guhrke to name a few. Several of the DIKs are debut books are are by lesser-known authors. So, is there a problem with historical romance right now? And, if so, what is it? There was a very strong response to this column, both on Twitter and in the comments below. AAR’s publisher has written a response to the […]

Source: the ask@AAR: Does Historical Romance have a quality problem? : All About Romance

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