Period Fashions – The Regency Period

Most of us think of the Regency Period and Jane Austen at the same time.  Naturally, Mr. Darcy comes to mind and plenty of Regency Era historical romances, plus favorite authors of the genre.

From the years 1795 to 1820, this historical time began when the Prince of Wales ruled as Prince Regent when King George III was deemed unfit.  When we think of fashions, it’s the high empire waistlines that come to mind.  From the samplings I found, most colors were very neutral.  Below are actual dresses from that era. (Click to Enlarge)

Here are a few more dresses from 1821-1837, before the Victorian era began. There are so many styles during the Victorian years, I’ll break them down as they change through the decades.  As you can see, the styles are beginning to change with the lowering of the empire waist and the sleeves becoming longer and fuller and colors are returning to catch the male eye.  I’m particularly enthralled with silk fabrics.

Check back for the Victorian dresses! They are so beautiful.

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