Why the Name “Red Brick Media”

Robert Holland2_edited-1
Circa 1905

Why the name “Red Brick Media”?  I’m glad you asked.  I know it’s a bit strange since I’ve attached it to this historical romance website and also to my book sales on Amazon as a merchant.  I suppose you want to know what’s up with the bricks? Not exactly romantic but they do make great bookends.

On the private side, I’m a genealogy addict. It’s a terrible addiction. You spend hours in front of the computer searching for dead relatives. Then when you get a chance, you visit the graves of dead ancestors and talk to them like they can hear you. You search census records, birth records, marriage records, and learn to read scribbles of handwriting hundreds of years old. And if you’re lucky enough, you meet a living family member who is a distant cousin, who you’ve discovered in your searches.  You spit into tubes and send off your saliva to be analyzed. Afterward, you check your DNA matches repeatedly, waiting for surprises like finding a cousin you never knew you had (yep, happened to me). Yes, this is my life and these are my ancestors – brickmakers and bricklayers.

My grandparents were both born in Manchester, United Kingdom.  My grandfather was a bricklayer.  His father was a bricklayer.  His cousins were bricklayers.  His uncle was a bricklayer, and the matriarch of the family was a man by the name of Robert Holland, my second great uncle. He possesses a story of rags to riches ever since he delivered the first bricks on a cart to Albert Square that were used as part of the building of the Manchester City Hall in 1869.

My second great uncle became a successful Salford (just outside of Manchester) businessman and Salford Justice of the Peace and Alderman.  He dabbled in politics, building construction, and bricks and died in 1920 amassing a large amount of wealth and property, now all gone.  I have been obsessed with his life and success for many years and have hunted down his descendants in the United Kingdom and had the privilege of meeting them.

When I think of building a successful business, I think of him. I often tell myself to build my success “one brick at a time.”  So naturally, I’ve named what I do Red Brick Media in honor of my ancestors.  The picture of the man above is Robert Holland. Of course, my great-grandfather was named Robert Holland, my grandfather Robert Holland, my uncle Robert Holland, and my cousin Robert Holland.  Needless to say, we have many Robert Hollands in the family.

All my best,

RED BRICK MEDIA – Save a brick. They make great bookends.

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