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Why Are So Many Romance Novelists White? – MarketWatch

This recent article has started a bit of a buzz regarding romance novels and the lack of diversity in story-telling or the authors who write them. In the historical romance genre, I can see how this lacks because of the historical background where stories are set. A large majority of romance stories are in England and Scotland, during Georgian, Regency, and Victorian eras. The opportunity to diversify those storylines are not always available.

However, I’m sure historical romance set in other countries such as the colonies and in the early history of the U.S. are available. Unfortunately, because of slavery, it is difficult to romanticize the era.

Even period drama movies do not always have diverse stories. The exception recently was the movie “Belle” from 2014 about an illegitimate, mixed-race daughter of a British admiral. It’s a story set in the Georgian era that is based on a true story. If you have not seen, it, I highly recommend and have provided a link below.

What do you think? How can we as authors and readers suggest more stories that are more inclusive and diverse in this genre?

The authors, as well as the characters, are rarely people of color

Source: Why are so many romance novelists white? – MarketWatch

One thought on “Why Are So Many Romance Novelists White? – MarketWatch

  1. How about readers actually look for the books and not wait until a blog tells them what inclusive historical romances are out there. The books already exist as fo the non-White authors who pen them. Only takes a simple Google search


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