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Taking a Leave of Absence

It’s been a pleasure to host for free many of your titles, as well as being a blog tour host for various sites.

However, first and foremost I am an author.  I have three titles in the works at the present time, one of which I am being hounded by my own readers to complete.  Since I do not have a cloned Vicki Hopkins, I will sometimes need to step away from this blog to pursue my own writing career rather than spending time promoting the careers of other authors.

To that end, I am closing down requests for promo and reviews effective immediately.  I will continue to post only those items I have committed to up until this date, which is one pending blog tour from Historical Fiction Virtual Tours and three other requests on my own promotional site.

As far as reviews go, there are approximately four books being read by my review team.  When those are returned, they will be posted and promoted as promised.  We have over 22 review requests waiting to be picked up by my reviewers.  I will allow them to continue to read at their own schedule, if they wish, and will post their reviews.

At this time, I do not anticipate running this blog regularly until January of 2016.  I have stories to pen, characters to create, readers who enjoy my own work, and my deep commitment to my own fans who need to be appreciated in return.

In the meantime, if you are a reader, feel free to browse titles and find your own next great book!

Thank you for your understanding.

Vicki Hopkins

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