Book Review: “The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife” by Ruth Ann Nordin

The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife is a Regency tale of a  forced marriage that occurs because of a less-than-believable indiscreet moment of the hero and heroine.

Claire, who needs a breath of fresh air, retreats to the veranda leaving the ballroom. While she’s contemplating her search for a husband, the Earl of Roderick arrives challenging her decision to be alone and unaccompanied. Their little spat leads to a stumble on Claire’s behalf, and as the Earl helps her to recover from the fall, they are found in a compromising position. Her father demands that the man marry her to save her reputation. He succumbs to the pressure of the inconvenient wife, while Claire balks and complains over the swiftly arranged marriage to a brooding male.

The story quickly evolves into a rushed wedding and a snippy relationship between the Earl and Claire. Both are clearly miserable. Consummation of the marriage is delayed, and Claire is intent on running home to her sister to escape her newly arranged life. Will they finally fall in love? Well, I won’t give that spoiler away.

The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife is sometimes unbelievable in spots, with characters that are not very endearing. The story starts out well enough with two bachelors in search of a wife. However, as it progresses into the inconvenient marriage, I found my interest waning. Claire is a rather immature young lady who doesn’t exactly possess a pleasant personality. It was difficult to bond to either of the characters. I would have loved to cheer them on into a loving relationship but did not.  Undoubtedly, for some readers it will prove to be a pleasant story that brings enjoyment.


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