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"The Rancher Takes a Wife" by Leslea Tash

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"The Rancher Takes a Wife" by Leslea Tash


One look into his piercing blue eyes, and I knew there was no way I could ever say no to Carl Ward. I wasn’t sure he could help me, but more than anything, I wanted to see him again.

“Oh, Mr. Ward,” I said. “Nothing would please me more.”

Chastity Lilly is no flapper. In 1920s New York, she’s determined to find a career as a teacher so she can support her family upstate. But one thing leads to another, and the company she keeps in the big city leads her down a very different path than the one she sought.

When she helps a handsome rancher in town looking for his own errant sister, can she turn her act around? Will she take his offer of a teaching position in Wedlock, Montana and make a brand new start? And if she does, can she–and the rancher–leave the past behind to forge a new future together?  Not if the rancher’s sister has her way.

This is a sweet historical Western romance. There are no PG-13 or R-rated scenes.

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