Book Revew: “Viking Fire” by Andrea R. Cooper

Crimson Romance
This is the first book I have read by Cooper, and I will be looking for more.

She has a very easy to read style, full of flow and description. Plenty of character commentary and action, which allowed me to follow the storyline effortlessly.

Kaireen is a good and likable character. Although she hates Vikings, for reasons I didn’t quite figure out, she is not vicious. At one point she comments that although he doesn’t like him, she doesn’t want him dead, even though it would be easy to let him die. She is full of spunk and fire, but ultimately powerless, something she is very aware of. I’m thinking of the countless times she stomps and spits (thankfully not literally), but then goes and does what she is told.

Bram is different, I have no idea what he is thinking, it wasn’t until I read the book description about that I knew anything about him. This would normally frustrate me, I love to think I know all about characters. In Bram’s case, less is more. He is just there, tall, strong, lively and stable. He keeps pushing for what he wants in this non-threatening and water-wearing-down-stone way. I loved him for this. He never gets angry or throws things, he just keeps being a direct contrast to Kaireen’s fears.

I am not an expert on the time era, but that didn’t seem a problem, Cooper gives enough detail that I can imagine it, but not so much that I lose the direction of the story. She writes characters with such hope for the future that I actually feel good after reading this book. (Strange idea, but maybe happily ever after does exist?)

I wonderful Friday night read (took me two cups of tea and three hours).

Now, Cooper, where can I find the story about Kaireen’s sister?

(Reviewed by Countess Sarah)



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