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Book Review: “Lakota Honor” by Kat Flannery

Nora Rushton from Willow Creek Colorado is a young woman with a special gift of healing. Her father has taken great pains to keep her gift a secret, fearing she will be labeled a witch. He resents his daughter and the burden she has placed on him due to her special abilities.

Otakatay is a half-breed hired to kill all women that have “the mark.” He is also a man with his own demons and has become bitter and angry.
Elwood is a wealthy man accustomed to getting everything he wants. He wants Nora. But, he knows nothing of her special abilities and only wants her because of her beauty. He is a cruel, selfish man. But, he is determined to have Nora, no matter what.
Nora must deal with her boozing father, danger from Elwood, and from Otakatay. But, when Nora and Otakatay come face to face, he can not do what he was hired to do. In fact, Nora gets under his skin and he can’t stop thinking about her.
Nora thinks there is more to Otakatay that the hard-bitten assassin he portrays himself to be. Not only that his physical appearance has her mind pondering on things she has never considered before.
When the relationship with Nora’s father comes to a head, and he turns to heavy drinking, a tragic turn of events leaves Nora and her gift exposed. Will the people of Willow Creek learn the truth about Nora? What is Otakatay’s true mission and will he help Nora in her time of crisis?
This is a very unique novel. You don’t find too may Western Historical Paranormal romances out there.
This novel deals with issues of race, bigotry, exploitation of mentally handicapped persons, child labor, and cruelty to animals.
This is not a very long novel, so that ‘s a lot going on, which I like because the story moves quickly and there is no “filler.”
I wasn’t sure about the chemistry between Otakatay and Nora for a while. The romance did get rushed through, in my opinion. However, the epilogue leaves us with a nice cozy feeling of HEA.

Overall this this one deserves 4 crowns.  (Reviewed by Countess Julie)



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