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Book Review: “Defiant Imposter” by Miriam Minger

Susanna is a well-created character. She is realistic and interesting. She is trying to do her best in an impossible situation; assuming the identity of her dead mistress Camille Cary, as her dying request, to ensure she doesn’t become lost in America. Camille’s rationale being that no-one knows her on her deceased father’s plantation, and someone needs to carry on the family name. Little does Susanna know she is caught up in the middle of manipulation, lies and a consuming need for revenge.

Adam is, well, a very sexy and passionate person. He is forced to try and win Susanna into marriage by unpleasant circumstances which were once beyond his control, but with Camille’s (Susanna’s) wealth, are no longer.

I relished Susanna’s fiery narration as she competes in a game where she thinks she knows the rules. I loved watching both her and Adam fight to appear relaxed as they court each other, while knowing the game was much more complex than either realized.

At one point, both Adam and Susanna believe the other to be a simpleton in need to some reassuring so they can be manipulated to their own ends. Minger is a great writer who creates wonderful insights into each character so the reader is well informed, but not overwhelmed.

This is one of those books to which I always return. I know my favourite moments (some teasingly rated PG), and can find them effortlessly. Susanna is a delight to observe as she obstinately seeks a suitable husband. Adam is a powerful lead who drives Susanna and the reader to distraction on more than one occasion.

A well-written, heart racing, read into the night book. Full of passion and intrigue, which will have you cheering for Adam and Susanna, and often snickering behind their back as they underestimate each other’s passion, intelligence, and motivations.


(Reviewed by Countess Sarah – 5 Crowns – Sovereign Queen of Historical Love)

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