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Book Promo: “Tampico’s Gold” by Elizabeth Braun


Anna leaves behind her home in England when she moves to Tampico, Mexico with her husband William in the year 1919. Her English ancestry isolates her from her new life, and so begin her daily inscriptions in a poetic diary, which capture her daily thoughts, tribulations and her endeavors to understand the strange new culture that exists around her.


As an avid reader herself, the entries in her diary reflect the books that she is reading. Each entry describes in detail the enormity of the torment that she is subject to; the hardship of adapting to the lifestyle with which she must acquaint herself, along with the pleasures of her new found activities, those of which, will ultimately lead towards her destiny.


Elizabeth Braun delivers an absorbing literary tale of original prose; the daily thoughts of a woman who refuses to concede to her life of cultural and social isolation from the country she lives in. Anyone who has moved into a distinctly different social or cultural environment will be able to relate to her journey. Tampico’s Gold is an illuminating tale that is certain to captivate the reader.

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