Victoria & Albert Museum in London – A Place of Inspiration

One of my goals of this blog is not only to showcase books to readers, but to make an interactive location for authors and readers to enjoy the past that we write and read about.  I’m a firm believer in using visuals for inspiration.  My favorite practice is to make storyboards for my books.  Perhaps one day I’ll share those with you.

In 2010 and 2011, I had the opportunity to live my dream of traveling to England and losing myself in the wonderful city of London.  My ancestors on my mother side are English and on my father’s Russian.  I often say it makes a lethal combination as a writer, because most of my stories have drama and tragedy before the happy ending arrives!  I blame my propensities in story writing on my heritage.

Nevertheless, while in London one of my favorite visits happened to be at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  One visit is not enough to take in the wonders of art and design that fill its halls.  If you’re an author or a reader, you’d love it as a wonderful place of inspiration.  Below is a short slideshow of some of the period clothing and furniture that were in the museum.  There are so many wonderful historical items to look at that I barely touched the surface of its treasures.

My favorite room contained a world famous collection of medieval tapestries, including the Devonshire Hunts.  The room had a protected environment with dim lights and atmospheric controls for the ancient masterpieces.  They were absolutely awe inspiring to examine up close in both color and intricate designs that covered the walls.  I think each tapestry could be the inspiration for a stunning historical romance.

I hope enjoy the pictures.


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