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Building a Blog Platform for Historical Romance

Building a blog is time consuming work!  We’ve opened a Twitter account @LongAgoLove and Facebook page for Historical Romance Books. and are slowly attracting interested authors and readers.  Like any other new blog, we need to attract enough visitors to participate in blog tours.
Feel free to share our site badge off to the left-hand side by posting it on your blogs or websites.  Any help you can give us sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Google, Goodreads, or other accounts would be sincerely appreciated.  That reminds me that I need to open another Goodreads account for Historical Romance Books Blog!  
In any event, we have started to slowly add new content.  Check out our Historical Tidbits page for some eye-opening articles on the reality of historical romance.  Yes, we fantasize about all the fashions, riches, handsome men, manors, and manners of days gone by.  However, along with it, there are realities of what life was truly like that could shock you. 
If you are an author who has done considerable research in any time period and would like to contribute to our Historical Tidbits page, please drop me an email or send a comment to contribute.
Thank you for helping us bring authors and readers together in the historical romance genre.
Vicki @ Historical Romance Books

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