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As a writer of historical fiction and romance, I’ve noticed since my last blog tour that many book promo sites do not focus on historical romance alone.  I’ve been picked up on fantasy, paranormal, erotica, and other contemporary romance sites, which frankly hasn’t generated a lot of interest. I’m not surprised when 19th century Victorian lovers are advertised on 21st century fantasy book blogs.

I sincerely appreciate the blogs that agreed to showcase my books, but I’m just disappointed over the results of no sales and no comments.  My common sense tells me that many readers in the romance community are niche readers, so if I write historical romance, I need to search out those readers.  Historical romance websites that want my firstborn in payment to advertise is frankly discouraging too.

Like everything else in my life, if I can’t find what I want, I might as well do it myself and offer a platform for others authors while I’m at it.
This blog, of course, is in the birthing stage. I’ll need to find readers, before I start pumping out opportunities to use it as a book tour blogging platform.  I may eventually ask for reviewers to be part of the promotional opportunities.  At this time, with my life schedule and writing schedule, I cannot take time out to review books.
Nevertheless, if you are a reader and would like to sign up, please feel free to do so in anticipation of what is to come.  If you are an author, you may contact me to post information about your historical romance.  It’s my preference to showcase both traditional and independent works of full-length novels (70,000 words or more).
Thank you for joining me on this new journey of promotion for a vast array of books. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.  Feel free to right click on my logo above and link back to the site.  Thank you!

Vicki @ Historical Romance Books

P.S.  The wonderful template and pictures for this blog are from Vintage Made for You.

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